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Lineout technique


When the ball "goes into touch" play stops, Forwards from the two teams compete in a mini contest for the ball involving communication between players, timing, power for the jumping players, strength for lifting players and a great co-ordinated effort.


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Basics backs moves



Ever heard of words like "loop", "dummy" or "switch" during training? These are moves (usually performed by backs) worked at training, to be used after scrums, rucks or lineouts...

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The switch is a simple move that every player on a team should be able to preform. Its main function is to switch the direction of play back inside.

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Scrum technique


Mike 'scrum doctor' Cron is widely recognised as arguably the greatest scrum technician in world rugby, and his relationship with Graham Henry is one of the key reasons for the All Blacks' modern rugby dominance.

Watch his scrum tips in the following video:

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Rules and basics


Watch the videos on this article and get ready to train with the BBRFC!

Quick summary of the rules: 

You don't need more to start training and playing! A quick video (less than 5 minutes) and you'll be able to understand the games on TV!

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